DIY Custom Acrylic See-Through Turntables!

Check out some of these great DIY custom acrylic “see-through” turntables from Mike Disher, brilliant!

Indeed these are amazing, custom turntables, I wouldn’t be surprised if Mike started an online shop and made millions of dollars selling these.  What do you think, are they worth buying?

I based my turntable design on the legendary Rega P3, and I created a new, custom acrylic plinth and a set of feet. I also devised a way to hide the motor, and I improved the motor mounting system. The plinth rests on small silicone dots, providing added isolation. The result was a very modern looking table. I called it the P3 Skeleton. Skeleton is a watchmaking term for a movement in which material is removed from the plates and bridges to reveal the inner workings.

via hackaday

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