CNC Hack – How to Make a $20 CNC Machine!

Are you kidding me?  This guy built a $20 CNC scanner using a hand powertool, parts from an old scanner (for X and Y axis), and acrylic!  This is indeed incredible for low-setup CNC machine you might want to build for small projects.

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I expect you to have basic knowledge on power tools and hand tools
and of course this instructable requires you to have a rotary tool such as a dremel.
Even if you don’t have knowledge on power tools or hand tools I advise you to try this instructable because you will learn a lot about hand and power tools and you can build this for less then 20 dollars
so if you mess up it’s no biggie and it would not cost to much to replace a part.

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One Response to CNC Hack – How to Make a $20 CNC Machine!

  1. Charles says:

    What motion control software do you use to control your $20 CNC?

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