Zedomax.com New Year’s Resolution!

Well, another year is here and I hope this will be the year that our blog really takes off.

Here’s a couple New Year’s Resolutions for Zedomax.com:

1. Cover more of the tech world by starting with CES 2010 in couple days.

2. Better articles – I am working on this as we speak, I hope my writing gets better this year.

3. More hands-on reviews with gadgets.  Since I am going to be finally out of debt, I should be able to finally re-invest some of our site revenue’s on hands-on reviews for gadgets.  Also, more contests, give out more free stuff every month.  If you have ideas for prizes, please leave in the comments line.

4. Perhaps I will be adding some kind of social plug-in such as a forum or even ability for others to make blogs on Zedomax.com.  Not sure but definitely thinking about it.

5. Membership?  I might offer memberships so members don’t see any ads on this blog.  Although I don’t know how many people are willing to pay for membership, this is something on the list of resolutions I guess, any help appreciated.

6. More blogging – I know last year I had gotten lazy during the middle of the year, this year I will try to keep blogging at least 10 blog posts per day.

That’s all and please add any if you feel like there needs some more improvements to the site!  Thanks!

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