Cellphone and TWO Year Contracts, Are They Bad?

Perhaps one thing I would like changed in the year 2010 are the cellphone contracts and the cellular service providers.

Instead of offering cheaper deals on cellphones for 2 year contracts, I would probably rather like something fair, meaning it would be 1 year contract.

For example, let’s say you bought an iPhone for $60/month with a 2 year contract.  Over 2 years, you would literally be paying $1440 for the freakin’ phone!

Of course that includes your talk time too but still, it’s a LOT of money to pay over a period of time.

I think cellular service providers have been ripping off consumers for as long as I can remember.

Cellular service providers already provide no-contact services but then you have to pay in full for your new cellphone.  That’s not what I am talking about, what I am talking about is shorter term contracts but the price for the phone is still the same.

I just paid about $5000 last year for all of my cellphone and broadband card services, that’s a whole lot of money, equal to almost buying THREE 42-inch HDTVs. (or maybe even 4)

Do you have any ideas that can make cellphone contracts more fair for consumers?  Leave in the comments, thanks!

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