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Pole Dancing Robots!


Hehe, this is funny as hell.

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Robot DIY – How to Make a R2-D2 Robot Bar!


Here’s a cool DIY that shows you how to make a R2-D2 Robot bar for your next party pleasures.  Just awesome!

The concept for BaR2D2 was born when a friend showed up to an event with a radio-controlled cooler. We joked about taking the idea to the next level and in the Spring of 2008, construction began.

If you enjoy BaR2D2 as much as we have, be sure to rate this Instructable a 5 and vote for it

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MacWorld 2009 is HERE!

MacWorld 2009 is here in San Francisco baby at the Moscone Center and I am not going. (but you can!)

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Washing Machine Hack – How to Make a Generator from Washing Machine Parts!

Here’s a really fun DIY that shows you how to make a generator from your old washing machine parts.

Sounds like a great deal for me if you can somehow recycle energy with this method.

Someone at some point discovered that these also make near perfect generators with great efficiencies, especially at lower speeds. These have also been found to have numerous other advantages.

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PDF DIY – How to Add a Digital Signature to a PDF File!

Didier has some great tutorial on how to add a digital signature to a PDF file.  If you are dealing with documents of high importance, this might be a great way to make sure your receiver gets your documents right.

I didn’t manage to use a free tool to sign a PDF document with a certificate, so we’ll use a trial version of Adobe Acrobat Professional.

Our PKCS12 file (with keys and signatures) is imported in our certificate store, so let’s open a PDF document and sign it:

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PHP DIY – How to Add RSS Feeds to Any Website/Blog using Magpie RSS Parser!

One of the most common things we do in today’s Web2.0 programming are RSS feeds.  Now there’s a bunch of ways you can add RSS feeds to your website but let me tell you the BEST way using PHP.

1) Download and unzip Magpie RSS in your website root directory somewhere.

2) Anywhere in your PHP code, add the following line, while making sure the full directory path is specified.  (I usually like to put it in directory such as “magpie”)


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PHP DIY – How to Add Caching to ANY website!

In my recent ventures, I have resorted to finding great PHP code to cache my website.

Even if you are not using WordPress, you can still make a simple PHP caching mechanism without the use of WordPress Super Cache.  (Well, all WordPress Super Cache is a PHP cache with user-friendly menus.)

Here’s how to add caching to your website:

Copy and paste the following code and save as “cache.php” in your website root directory:

<?php // Settings $cachedir = ‘cache/’; // Directory to cache files in (keep outside web root) $cachetime = 600

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3 Comments Launched!!! – Stats Search Engine for Webmasters!!!


Happy New Years 2009 everybody!

Yesterday, I launched, a stats search engine for webmasters.  Basically, you can see whole bunch of stats and information about domain names and keywords.  Bookmark it and it will save you time the next time you need to check stats for your website. is basically a very cool tool for webmasters who want to check their web traffic stats everyday.

I didn’t actually make this site to make money or anything, I simply needed a website

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New Years Countdown Video 2009!

Well, last year and the year before, I did take videos of New Years Countdown in San Francisco.  This year, I simply cannot go to an event but here’s some videos you will enjoy:

New Years Countdown from Times Square, New York:


New Years Countdown i

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