Flip UltraHD/MinoHD Portable Camcorder Review!

Flip has been leading the frontier of portable cameras for the year 2009, we officially name their Flip UltraHD and Flip MinoHD portable camcorders, “2009 The Best Portable Camcorders of 2009”.

Let me give you a little bit of insights into the Flip UltraHD/MinoHD series.


  • Shoot 720P HD
  • Great videos in the dark.  Even in almost complete darkness, the Flip UltraHD is better than other HD portable camcorders out there.
  • Great microphone – Having a great microphone is a must even for such a small camcorder as this one.  Why would I not want great audio along with some great video resolution?
  • Portable – I usually carry my Flip everywhere with me and fits well in my pocket along with my Palm Pre.  (Btw someone left a comment about me using Palm Pre, it’s a great smartphone, probably the better than iPhone for business-minded users although I might be getting a Google Nexus One phone real soon here when it launches)
  • Sturdy – I’ve literally dropped my Flip UltraHD about 30 times already, banged it everywhere, scratches against my car keys and it still works great.


  • No ability to add additional memory.  – This won’t be problem for most of you though as the Flip MinoHD shoots 60 minutes and the Flip UltraHD 120 minutes.  That’s plenty long enough for most of us and if you carry a netbook or a small portable laptop like me, you can easily transfer videos to your netbook/laptop before continuing your video shoots.

Overall, the Flip UltraHD and Flip MinoHD portable camcorders are the best on the market, they practically invented these portable camcorders.

Also the software that comes loaded onto the Flip series is great as you don’t need to carry around a laptop capable of rendering HD videos.  You can easily make your own 720P HD home videos with its Flip editing software which also works well on crappy hardware like my netbook with an Atom CPU.   Boy, if you try rendering your own HD videos using another software such as Sony Vegas or Adobe Premier, that will take weeks compared to the Flip’s video editing software.  This could be pivotal feature that highlights Flip’s simplicity and ease of use.

If you don’t mind having a powerful laptop or computer with you at all times, I guess you can ignore the last paragraph.

But this review is about the best “portable” camcorder, meaning you should be able to edit your own HD videos even without a supercomputer.

Of course, don’t forget portability has its limits.  If you want professional video recording, try a Canon EOS 7D.

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