World’s Largest Man-made Crater!

I guess Sudan nuclear testing done in Nevada in the 60s is still the world’s largest man-made crater.  Not sure if it’s even a smart idea to go there now due to all that radioactive stuff but you can at least enjoy some photos from there.  God, people were dumb back in the 60s, shooting nuclear weapons in-land without knowing the consequences.  I am sure you can find some radioactive plants and animals there still…

Also see the first H-Bomb test video on YouTube.

The nuclear device buried 635 ft under the ground displaced 11,000,000 tons of soil, leaving a crater 320 ft. deep and with a diameter of 1280 ft. It is the largest depression caused by a nuclear detonation. Over 10,000 people visit the crater every year. The test took place on July 6, 1962 and resulted in large amounts of radioactive fallout. The negative effects and health concerns apart, it remains a sight to behold.

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  1. igor says:

    I guess the title should be “The Dumbest way To make a Crater”

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