Restaurant DIY – How to Make Your Own DIY Restaurant!

One of my favorite DIY sites, instructables, has a great guide on how to make your own DIY restaurant, all using various different instructable DIYS to make it.  One of my closest friends opened a restaurant and failed big time couple years back, I wish he had read this instructable!

1. The Instructables Restaurant comes with full instructions for everything. In most restaurants you get to buy and enjoy the food, and sometimes even the furniture. But in the Instructables Restaurant you go home knowing how to make the food as well as the furniture. We give you the instructions and recipes!

2. The Internet is full of passive information, and more is added every second. By really using and implementing  this information not only do you plug into a world of know-how but it’s also great for the people who have shared their knowledge. That’s why crediting them is important!

3. The Instructables Restaurant originates from the input of others. This creates a different notion of ownership and the intellectual property of a regular business. A lot of the input comes from others. This is what we like about the idea.

4.The Instructables Restaurant creates a space between limitless information and reality. It’s a 2.0 dock station where digital and real connect and communicate.

via instructables

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