Will Tablet Market Take Off in 2010?

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Will tablet market take off in 2010?

It’s hard to say unless tablet prices can compete with the current low-prices on Ultra Low Voltage laptops/netbooks.

Frankly for myself, I don’t see why I need a touchscreen tablet, especially since the technology is still crude and being developed.

For one, there will be many many bugs regardless of who comes out with the tablet.

Secondly, prices will be high in the beginning until popularity picks up.

Third, touchscreen devices still lack a great keyboard, hence why I still use a smartphone with a physical keyboard.

Fourth, I don’t see much advantages of having a touchscreen unless there’s a keyboard.

My point?

To me, a laptop with a keyboard is still more valuable than a tablet.  Of course, there’s options like tablet laptops we can already get, perhaps that proves why tablets are still not popular among the masses.

I will tell you one thing though, I will buy a tablet in year 2011 perhaps.  (or if someone decides to send me one for a review)

I will have to agree with Nick Bilton on this one:

There is, however, one problem with all of these wonderful and creative mock-ups: After you watch the videos and imagine what a device like this might offer, you are left with nothing more than a memory of a fancy concept. Yes, they are beautifully presented, but they are mostly pie-in-the-sky ideas. Until someone actually creates the hardware to run these experiences, concepts like that in the Bonnier Group video are about as realistic as those in a video about time travel or flying cars.

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