Rubik’s Cube DIY – How to Make Rubik’s Cube!

Well, the other day I bought a $1 Rubik’s Cube at a local Chinese gift shop on Clement Street in San Francisco.  Within minutes of playing with my new rubik’s cube, it broke into pieces.

It was probably the worst Rubik’s Cube ever, what a waste of a dollar.

But there’s a better way if you get frustrated like me buying crappy, cheap Rubik’s Cube, learn how to make your own Rubik’s Cube with personalized graphics!

Oh yeah, don’t forget you can make a cool Rubik’s Cube USB too.

Let’s face it sometimes we forget our girlfriend’s birthday, that of our parents, somebody’s christmas present… and we have to come up with something that is makeable in one evening and with easy materials. Well here it is! The personalized rubik’s cube!

During this instructable I’ll be making the companion cube but I will also show you how you can add your own family pictures, favorite game, tv-show… anything you want to be on the rubik’s cube.

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