Balloon Boy Richard Heene and Wife Going to Jail!

Perhaps a rather bad timing for the news that the Balloon Boy’s father Richard Heene and his wife will be going to jail.  Not for long but probably well-deserved for taking advantage of public services and national coverage that should be saved for real emergencies.

What do I think?

You know what I think, it’s bad to lie and even worse if your child sees you lie.  I wouldn’t be surprised if their kids grow up to be like their parents, which I really hope they don’t.

Seriously though, if you have kids, don’t lie in front of them, perhaps that’s the moral of this story.

The balloon boy hoax parents were sentenced to jail time Wednesday and forbidden from profiting from the sick stunt.

Richard Heene got 90 days in county jail, while his wife, Mayumi Heene, got 20 days. Both parents will be on probation for four years and face fines of up to $500,000.

via nydailynews

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