Is “Geek” Even the Right Word?

For what seems like last few years, people have started using “geek” more, especially online.  I’ve seen a handful of blogs even titled with the word “geek” in it.

Personally, I just find the word “geek” negative and offensive.  Not only is it a stereotype/derogatory for people who are super computer literate, I don’t think “geek” necessarily means “smart” and comes with more negative associations than positive ones.

As long as I can remember, I never really considered myself a “geek” of any type until others started mentioning the word “geek” online.  I started using the word geek just to fit with this “fake” world, who weren’t real geeks anyways, just wanted a “term” for the real smart people.  (Yes, I am stopping the use of the word Geek as of this moment.)

Hence the point of this post, I don’t think we should use the word “geek” to substitute computer-literacy.   Geek brings out an image in my mind of a physically weak person with glasses that is good with computers.  I think that is wrong as I am physically strong person that is good with computers and perhaps even better at other things like snowboarding, golf, and sports too.  Geek simply doesn’t cut it because it’s demeaning for people who are like me with other life/sports skills.

I remember the last time my server company’s manager said to me, “We are geeks, we understand geeks like you, I’ve read your website.” and that was the last time I talked to him.

(After that, I moved all my web servers elsewhere where I don’t have to be stereotyped as a geek but rather be treated as a normal customer/businessman.)

That might seem like going far but there was more to it, the guy was really treating me like I didn’t know business, just computers.  Sometimes, it’s best to treat people equally, without regard to what they are really good at if you know what I mean.

Perhaps that is the reason I even named our laptop blog LaptopPimp, not LaptopGeek.

You know, in life, you need to associate yourself with more positive words so you subconsciously better yourself in the long run.

Overall, geek is simply the wrong association for true computer/gadget people out there.

So what?

Let’s all stop using word “geek” for our sakes.  Even if you are a geek, it’s probably not going to get you any chics if you called yourself a “geek”.  Instead, let’s start making new terms like “tech pimp” or “tech genius”, something along those lines.

Yes, I rather be a tech pimp than a tech geek.  As of today, I will be a tech pimp, the big daddy who knows the ins and outs of tech.  LMAO.

P.S. Screw the English language, it’s time to start making our own words.

6 Responses to Is “Geek” Even the Right Word?

  1. JeffKohrman says:

    I for one have always found the term “Geek” offensive, and meaning that you lack social skills and, in general, suck, whereas a “nerd” was always someone who is very intelligent, almost obnoxiously so.

    While Tech Pimp is incredibly attractive, I think I'll stick to being a Nerd.

  2. imag33k says:

    Let me see if I get this straight. Geek is an offensive word to you, but pimp, which is the term for an agent for prostitutes who lives off their earnings is just fine with you. There's nothing negative or derogatory about that…

  3. WesD says:

    I've been reading your blog for a few months now. I initially subscribed to your RSS because I thought your subject matter would interest me but instead I've found myself quietly laughing at most of what you write.

    It seems to me that the only person (over the age of 12) stereotyping geeks as weak and only good at computers is you. I'm happy to be called a geek, I don't strive towards it but I've always found that most people intend it to mean intelligent, techy or even slightly unusual in our hobby choices. Just this morning I was called a geek by my colleague for having a Lego advent calendar on my desk, there was no negative connotations tagged on – they loved it just as much as I! Do you think this post helps to alleviate negative stereotypes towards the word? If anything I'd imagine it would “fuel the fire” so to speak, you're ashamed to be called a geek and want the word to be considered an insult and, therefore, not used. I certainly don't want the word to be an insult, the more exposure it gets, the better! At least in my opinion. Which is all this comment has been about so far, my opinion is no more valid than yours.

    However, we then moved beyond opinion when you used the following quote:

    “You know, in life, you need to associate yourself with more positive words so you subconsciously better yourself in the long run.”

    to justify why you named your laptop blog LaptopPimp.

    Let me tell you the definition of pimp…

    – pander: arrange for sexual partners for others
    – someone who procures customers for whores

    That doesn't sound like a positive word to me and I have no idea why you'd want to be associated with a pimp community rather than a geek community. Regardless of how the word is used in popular culture (Pimp My Ride etc, the need to “bling” out an object similar to how a pimp dresses) you can't ignore the original meaning.

    I feel I may have lost my point. Either way, I'm removing your site from my RSS, between the very obvious “advertisement” posts and the poor advice you try to pass off as business acumen, I've had enough.

    Also, moving your server hosting because the manager said he associates with your geeky nature… childish. Very childish. You knew exactly what he meant and if you were genuinely offended by the term you could have mentioned that to him. I'm sure he meant it in the best possible way hence why he considered himself, and his employees, geeks. Honestly, I'd rather not have a client who makes brash business decisions based off good-intentioned chat and what amounts to be your opinion of a very trivial word.

    JeffKohrman – Your comment essentially says “I am an obnoxiously intelligent individual.”. Not modest though, I see? I'm a geek; I certainly don't lack social skills or, in general, “suck” and I'm glad I'm not associated with anyone who thinks Tech Pimp is incredibly attractive. At best I find the term fadlike and immature, I'm 26.

  4. zedomax says:

    Interesting take, I do feel everyone's entitled to their own opinions, thanks for caring so much, I didn't think people would care so much.

    I like pimp because all the high school girls used to call me “pimp”, I didn't know why at that time caz I was so innocent but it felt good to be a “pimp”. I don't see anything wrong with the word itself, it brings positive vibes for me, could be different for others though I guess.

    Just one more thing, I wasn't childish, my server company treated me like horribly, they literally played with my website, causing thousands of dollars of losses for couple days. When I asked for a refund, they didn't feel like giving me a refund like they should have as it said in their ToS or promise. Well, glad that's over now though, in the past. Perhaps if he treated me like a businessman, he wouldn't have had to be an ass about couple hundred bucks when I lost thousands.

    But thanks again for the comments as this is open forum, I think the comments are more interesting than blog posts itself really.

    No hard feelings, yo!

  5. zedomax says:

    Well if you are the “pimp” i think it's good, just don't be a whhoorree… but seriously, I rather be called a pimp than a geek.

  6. zedomax says:

    I think the internet is using “words” the wrong way, that is the only point. Well, it's Christmas, why are we talking about this? LMAO. Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Holidays.

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