Auto DIY – How to Turn Your Car into a Snow Car!

Remember I had a blog post about the Subaru Trax Si, perhaps the fastest Snow car in the world?  Well it turns out that the company Mattracks actually makes the rubber track-conversion system for 4×4 vehicles, meaning Ken Block’s car isn’t nothing more than a Subarbu with a track-conversion system. (Sorry Ken!)

With these rubber track-conversion systems from Mattracks (although they are going to take a big bite out of your wallet, they are totally worth it), you can essentially turn any 4×4 vehicle into a snow car!

If you live in the snow all winter long, this might be something to consider having one, you will never get stuck in snow ever again!

Well, you can find the details on Mattracks website here.

Also see this video of a Hummer with tires versus tracks:


More vids:


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