The Manual Snow Plow – Wovel! [SNOW GADGET]


As a snow lover, I know how hard it can be to manually plow your own snow using shovels.  Well, there’s a great manual plow for plowing a ton of snow with less effort, the Wovel!

You know that East Coast Storm just hit the east coast, if you had one of these it might have easier to get your car out of your house.

I am sure this cool manual plow will soon become a household essential everywhere, get yours $119.95 on Amazon here.

Man, I just wish there was even a speck of snow here in California, oh well…

  • Superb for large amounts snow in all conditions
  • Clears 3x Faster Than Snow Shoveling with Half the Effort and Less Risk of Injury
  • Outperforms blowers, without the expense, fumes, maintenance, or noise
  • Top ergonomic research center verifies a 3-4 X reduction in lower back stress and cardio exertion
  • Stores compactly by folding down or hanging flat on the wall

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