Ford will be Adding WiFi with Broadband USB Add-on Capability to its SYNC Mobile System!

Ford will become the first car manufacturer to have WiFi on-board except with a twist, users can simply plug-in their Verizon or Sprint USB Broadband dongle to share internet via in-car WiFi with others (or just for yourself).

I think this is a much better idea than trying to sell in-car internet services through proprietary technology as no one will buy that plus a a USB broadband dongle can be carried off the car.

For one, I already own 2 USB Broadband cards, Ford will make consumers like me to get the car and improve my WiFi experience in the car.

I have to add one more note that Ford should definitely add, they should implement an in-car antenna that will boost the USB broadband’s cellular range.  You can actually buy these antennas and put them on yourself but having that on-board along with SYNC would simply be awesome.

This way, the car will essentially “boost” cellular broadband signals in locations where they may be weak.

SYNC was already a big reason for infotainment-obsessed car shoppers to consider a Ford, but at least when it comes to browsing the internet in your car, SYNC 2.0 with in-car WiFi just leap frogged the entire auto industry. Not only is the technology impressive, but this new feature actually saves the customer money rather than asking for more. Ford’s official word on the matter, plus a video of SYNC 2.0 broadcasting its pirate signal, can be found after the jump.

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