Best Wireless N Router Review!

For those of you looking for the best Wireless N Router, the top-of-the-line Linksys 610N is probably the way to go featuring double bands so you can stream data efficiently:

Since the Router can operate in both the 2.4 and 5 gigahertz radio bands at the same time, it effectively doubles your available wireless bandwidth. For instance, you could set up your network to handle video streaming on one radio band, and use the other band for simultaneous data transfer–avoiding any interference or collisions that would degrade the video performance.

The Linksys 610N is not supported fully by DD-WRT for router hackers btw but a good choice if you are going to use it as is.

Of course, for those of you who like hacking the Linksys router to make it go faster, you might want to actually go with the Linksys 320N as it’s supported by DD-WRT.  (You can see Linksys 320N DD-WRT HOWTO here)    There’s also the Linksys 400N but is not supported by DD-WRT at all as its based on Atheros chip.

If you don’t need double bands and trying to save a bit of money, the Linksys 160N will just do fine.  (Also see 160N DD-WRT HOWTO here)

Overall, if you are going to hack your router (which you should for maximum performance/tweaking), I would definitely get the hackable Linksys 320N as it comes with a dual-abnd while the 610N is a better choice for regular joes.

If all you are going to be doing is browsing the web, Linksys 160N will be the best choice without making a hole in your wallet for Wireless N.   Also, Wireless G might work fine too, I recommend the Linksys WRT-54G2 series and DD-WRT firmware here.

Linksys routers are probably the best on the market right now and I highly advise staying away from cheap routers like D-link and others if you need to make 100% use of broadband connection you’ve paid for.

Also see my tutorial on how to make your Linksys router 10 times faster.

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