Solar DIY – How to Setup Your DIY Solar Panels!


With so many things happening to our world right now including global warming (it’s REAL now…) and our current consumption of earth’s limited resources, it makes complete sense to build yourself DIY solar panels so you can power your consumer electronics or even add to the energy mass.

If you have enough room for solar panels (or even on your roof top), and you have some skills with electricity/making, I highly suggest you to try experimenting with solar power on your own. (but do make sure of safety!)

Building your own DIY solar panels have more benefits than getting to use free solar energy, you can possibly receive “free” credits from the energy company:

A Grid Tied system, as most commercial systems are, feeds the electricity you produce into the mains through an inverter that needs to be installed by a licensed electrician.
You receive credits from your supplier for the amount of electricity you produce. This electricity is then on-sold to consumers as Green electricity at a premium.
This setup has advantages and disadvantages.
One advantage being you don’t have to buy and upkeep a Battery Bank,
One disadvantage is that if the mains go down you’re down too.

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