Charger DIY – How to Make a Flower Vase Gadget Charger!

Here’s a guy who turned his flower vase into a USB gadget charger, I think this is a great idea and perhaps will inspire others to make their own custom chargers.  By the way, it’s not too awfully hard to make your own custom chargers if you simply understand the DC voltage basics.

Just as a general rule of thumb, let’s say your iPod charger is rated at 5V DC 500mA, then you just need to supply enough current, meaning anything with 5V DC and 500mA or more will work fine.  But don’t go under, then your gadgets will either charge slow or not at all.  Also, you maybe be able to couple one powerful 5V DC adaptor to power all your gadgets (provided all your gadgets use 5V DC), just split different adaptors for each of your gadgets.

Well, I will make my own gadget charger soon.  When I do I will have detailed pics and info.

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