AC to USB Wall Chargers Review!

For those of you who are moving “with” the speed of technology, you will want to consider having at least one of these USB wall chargers around your house as they can come in handy for charging all of your USB gadgets without turning on your computer or laptop.  Of course, don’t forget you can also make your own USB in-wall AC charger too.

1. The ZipLinq USB wall charger is currently priced at only $2.69 on Amazon plus it’s rated at 450mA output and works up 240 volts of AC meaning you can take it outside the country so long as you have a travel adaptor in hand.

What you want to look for in an AC-to-USB wall charge is the high amperage, something around 500mA would be sufficient for charging gadgets radically fast.

2. Belkin Dual USB Charger is another good item from Belkin, featuring 2 USB ports so you can charge up to 2 gadgets at a time.  There’s no specs on amperage limits but I suspect it should be pretty sufficient as the Belkin’s website says it’s made for iPods.

Colby USB-to-AC wall charger is another good one at relatively low price of $6.90, this one actually can output up to 1A at 5V, that’s 1000mA folks, probably the best single USB charger for the money you spend.

Remember, there’s really no need to fork out 30 bucks on genuine iPod wall chargers, they are practically all the same.  Just make sure you get one that will provide enough current (by checking the amperage limits) and it should be able to charge any USB gadgets you have.  You should really avoid anything with less than 5V 200mA maximum output as those might charge your gadgets except VERY SLOOOOOWLY, you don’t want that.

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