Top 5 Free Christmas E-Cards!

For this Christmas, you might have friends or family living far away where you cannot send them gifts or you simply ran out of time.

Of course, don’t fret as free Christmas E-cards are here to rescue.  These are never going to be as good as real gifts but they may be great Christmas cards that you can even send on Christmas Eve.

So without delay, here’s some great free sites you can use to send virtual  Christmas cards.  Plus, why not save some trees by sending E-cards that look better anyways and last longer?

1. has a large selection of interactive Christmas E-cards like the Merry Mice Christmas card shown above.

2. has a slew of great, unique Christmas E-cards with different themes such as for love, Santa, kids, and more.

3. also has some really great animated Christmas cards you can send for free or even sign up for membership to access premium E-cards.

4. is the place to go if you want to send funny Christmas cards with a sense of humor.

5. has a great custmizable, gingerbread-themed interactive Christmas Card you can send to your friend and family.  Customization makes this one special for gingerbread-house lovers.

That should be enough ideas to get you started and quickly send Christmas E-cards to everyone you know.

I know my friends are still old school, I usually get a nice, simple SMS text, “Merry Christmas” from bunch of people.  But come on, if you know how to use a computer and these E-card sites are free, you should be able to send some E-cards this year.  Plus, they make you stand out.

Even better, if you have some Photoshop skills, you might want to make your own Christmas E-cards, that would be super, duper special.  I will be taking that route as I am really strapped for time and cash this year plus many of my relatives live overseas.  It’s virtually impossible for me to send everyone a Christmas gift unless I was Santa Claus himself.  But yes, the Christmas E-cards will at least be better than nothing.  A message to my family overseas, “I am ALIVE and Merry Christmas!”  LMAO.

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