Droid Hack – How to Add Multi-Touch to Your Droid!

I guess the European Motorola Droid has multi-touch features while the U.S. version don’t, here’s how you can hack the Droid to enable multi-touch on your U.S. version too.

Of course, you might risk bricking your Droid completely useless (although I find that hard to believe if it’s Android-based) so follow directions *carefully*!

For those of you late-adapters, you might want to wait as Droid probably will support multi-touch soon through software updates.

via gizmodo, redmondpie

2 Responses to Droid Hack – How to Add Multi-Touch to Your Droid!

  1. Colassal says:

    Funny lol the droid eris has multi touch i really thing its better …. ya might just wanna get one of those lol.

  2. pat says:

    why would you ever want to do that…. faster processor bigger screen flash etc (camera and browser flash) makes the hero or eris look like shit because….. it is. Oh and keyboard and it’s rooted. Not to mention the eris doesnt have multitouch…. same apps as the droid, doesnt matter. Don’t tell me it does my cousin has it and i have had it and a droid and an iphone and a g1….. I know multi-touch. Iphone does it the best however is the worst of them.

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