Top 5 Last Minute Christmas Gadget Gifts!

This has nothing to do with the fact that my car got jacked today and I lost mine but the Duracell DC-to-AC car inverter also doubles as a power-source for your laptop and gadgets or “portable battery”.  You cannot call yourself a true geek or technology-smart-ass without one of these.

I know this is a useful gadget for anyone who uses a laptop or an iPod, a must-have gadget of the year plus makes a great last-minute Christmas gift.

Seriously though, I need one of these for Christmas now that mine has been stolen.

I remember my friend got one of these massage pads that can be attached to any office chair.  Trust me, this is the best gift you can give your friend/dad/mom without doing the work yourself and I really want one.

Computer Drum Kits are probably the best drums you can get for the money spent, just $132.86 on Amazon.  As a fanatic drummer who doesn’t own drums (but imaginary ones), this is probably what I want to get started with as real drums are too costly plus I simply don’t have space for a whole drum set.  Plus, think of all the cool background music you can make for your next YouTube video without breaking some artist’s copyrights.  And yes, Santa, please get me one of these even though they are cheap.  These also can be great for YouTube-generation kids who are already more-proficient with computers than their parents.

The Spy Camera with 4 gigs of storage can be the greatest gift for anyone so they can record (secret) videos.  This is the most stealth spy camera for the price you pay today.  I, of course want one of these last year!

I have an ugly habit of using my MP3 player while I blog (even this blog post), while I hit golf balls (and annoying fellow golfers), while I sleep (and annoying my family), and of course, it would be nice to listen to music while I am swimming or even in the spa.  The Finis SwiMP3.1G waterproof MP3 player does exactly that, providing you real, stereo music under water.

  • Earbuds – Earbuds can be the best last minute gadget gifts.  They beat all those noise-canceling headphones plus you can get some decent ones for about 20 bucks, read my best earbud review for that.  I am sure you know people who still don’t use earbuds.  Remember, earbuds are different from earphones!
  • Receipt Scanner – Believe it or not, this receipt scanner can be a small businessman’s or businesswoman’s best friend after Christmas, read the best receipt scanner review here.
  • HD Portable Camcorder – These portable camcorders aren’t going to replace your full-fledge HD camcorders but they can fit in your pocket plus they can do 720P HD and great audio, read best portable camcorder review here.
  • Sony Blu-ray Disc Player with 1080P HD – Sony is having a super sale on these blu-ray disc players, this is the time to get one as a last minute Christmas gift for your friend/family member who is behind in technology. (including myself who still doesn’t have one…)
  • Logitech Wireless Mouse – This is the best wireless mouse I have ever used, everyone can use an extra wireless mouse including me.  No one can have TOO many mice in their house.

EXTRA – Things to Avoid as Christmas Gifts

As a “smart” tech-hippy (I like that over “geek” as geek has too many negative tones I think… ), I seriously wouldn’t want an electric shavers because they simply DIE or you lose the adapter that can NEVER be replaced, seriously!  I’ve had 2 $300 electric shavers and they all died somehow or I lost the adapter.

Another gift I wouldn’t want is a clock or a watch.  As a person who likes to wear less and less, I don’t need another thing to hang on my wall or a watch that’s going to be just one more thing to carry especially if my smartphone does an awesome job of telling time plus checking my e-mail among other things.  These days, I think watches are useless, perhaps only makes sense as stylish add-on.  Okay, I am not that stylish and I rather have something else than a watch, Santa!

*Note – There’s exception though, digital LCD/LED watches, these are not watches to me, they are wearable artwork/girl-getter!

Well, this is just coming from a down-to-earth guy, me, Max.  I am sure some people would like to have shavers, watches, and clocks but I just find some things get OLD for a tech guy.

Remember, early-adapters like me are early-adapters for a reason, we like new tech gadgets only with a twist, new tech gadgets that “work well”.  The true early-adapters are also early-quitters when it comes to bad, new gadgets so just keep in mind before making your last shopping trip for Christmas gifts.

Remember, if it’s not a gift you’d want yourself, it’s probably not a gift worth giving. But if it’s something you’d really want, perhaps even keep it to yourself because IT’S SO DARN COOL, THAT is something you need to give on Christmas.

Happy Holidays and don’t be a Scrooge!

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