Someone Broke Into My Car! – And How to Get Your Auto Window Replaced!


Well, today, someone broke into my car, breaking the driver side window.  Last time I got jacked was when my friend left his digital camera in the back seat.  Well, this time the jacker stole my Duracell Inverter.

But I am happy because they didn’t touch my golf clubs and my skateboard in the trunk, THAT would have driven me MAD.

Btw, did you know that you can call an auto window replacement company to have them come to you to replace the car window?

My window will cost $129 to replace but at least I won’t have to drive to an auto window replacement company.

Anyways, I am just glad they didn’t jack stuff that actually meant something to me plus replacing my golf clubs would mean more than a couple thousand dollars, it’s priceless.

If you have your car broken into, it’s probably your fault for leaving anything out.

As a rule of thumb, “NEVER”, I said “NEVER” ever leave your laptop anywhere in the seats of your car, that’s asking people to rob you.  If you must leave it, put your laptop in the trunk.  Or even better, make a secret hiding spot, make a DIY out of it.

Hey, at least I got some sense of humor even if someone jacks my car.

I could care less, shi** happens, as they say.

Happy holidays!

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