[How Do They] Make Seedless Watermelons?

If you are like me, you probably have a dozens or even hundreds of questions you ask yourself daily on “how do they” making things such as seedless watermelons.

Yes, I just found out seedless watermelons are not natural but done through DNA control:

Producing a seedless watermelon involves three steps. First, a plant is treated with colchicine, a substance that allows chromosomes to duplicate, but prevents the copies from being distributed properly to dividing cells. As a result, a plant with four sets of chromosomes is created, a “tetraploid.”

The second step also involves faking pollenization so the plants produce watermelons:

Since triploid plants cannot produce pollen, farmers grow diploid “pollenizer” plants near the triploids. The diploids produce the necessary pollen, bees carry it to the female triploid flowers, and the seedless watermelons grow.

Neat, ain’t it?  Next time you eat a seedless watermelon or grapes, you will know how they made it.  Yey!

via ccmr

Here’s a kid making a seedless watermelon, if she can do it…arrr…I digress…


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