WordPress DIY – How to Install Nginx to Run WordPress!


As I promised in my last blog post about Nginx versus Lighttpd, I have written a step-by-step guide for those of you webmasters who want to be able to handle more web traffic by switching your WordPress blog to Nginx.

So far, based on 24 hour testing, it seems like Nginx does have a slight memory leak but clearly a lot better than Lighttpd.  It will take couple more days to figure out if there’s more memory leak or not.

So far, switching to Nginx has had some dramatic speed improvements over Lighttpd on most of our websites.

Well, it’s been a long couple days trying to get this site running smoothly but here’s the guide to installing Nginx on your WordPress Blog!

Included are configuration settings for also running WordPress pretty-permalinks, WP Super Cache, and I’ve also included my own hack for running MediaWiki wikis on Nginx which our wiki runs on.  (I couldn’t get our wiki running right on Lighttpd but finally figured it out how to run it flawlessly on Nginx!)

Hope that helps!

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