Lighttpd Versus Nginx!

Today(or yesterday now), I spent like 10 hours trying to figure out why my web server kept going down.

Well, I did upgrade to Lighttpd couple months back, which is much better web server than Apache. (YouTube runs on Lighttpd btw.)

One of the problems I encountered even with the latest version of Lighttpd is “memory leak”.

For server with light traffic, this memory leak isn’t too awful as it can take a year or so before you need to reboot your web server.

But for high-trafficked web sites this one (which gets good 28K pageviews on a high day), the memory leak proved to be fatal as it took about a period of 24 hours before memory would all be used up.  Especially since our web traffic has been rather going out of control lately.  Yes, it’s a good thing and a bad thing since I can’t blog while I am fixing it.

Well, I have always heard that Nginx web server, which is now used on, has no memory leak.  Btw, Nginx is a web server developed by a Russian guy named Igor, a really good/fast server.

So I spend the WHOLE DAY trying to make Nginx web server work on

The mod rewrite stuff was the hardest to implement but gladly, I got it done.

So we will see in about a day, see if Nginx has no memory leak.  So far, it seems a whole lot better than Lighttpd.  We will see…

Anyways, more blog posts coming soon after I recover from continuous web server hacking.

Also, I should have a detailed Nginx install guide for WordPress and MediaWiki.

Dang it, I missed a whole day of blogging!  Oh well, you guys will live…

3 Responses to Lighttpd Versus Nginx!

  1. alexanderjohn says:

    looking forward to the write-up on nginx and wordpress. I'm using wamp 2.0i (I'm a n00b)…

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