Free WiFi coming to McDonald’s!

One of my favorite places to blog and work is McDonald’s because I can get a cheap large, regular ice coffee for about 2 bucks.  Not only is coffee cheaper than Starbucks, McDonald’s actually has “tables” where I can sit and work without fighting other caffeine addicts.

Starting mid-January, McDonald will be offering free WiFi.

The free Wi-Fi will reportedly be available at about 11,000 of 14,000 U.S. locations. McDonald’s has used Wi-Fi provided by AT&T Inc. for several years, after first launching the service at 75 locations in San Francisco in 2003.

This doesn’t really change things for me though as I will still use my broadband USB, which is already fast enough and more secure than any free WiFi I can get.  But it might be a good thing, perhaps there will  be more people with laptops at McDonald’s so I am not the only one.

via computerworld

2 Responses to Free WiFi coming to McDonald’s!

  1. cindrellawatson says:

    Are you kidding me? This is just another ploy by McDonalds to get customers to stay longer. Don't let them kill our children! It's time to start slimming down America – take care of your families and YOURSELF! Here's a great link to help you gets started. Free WIFI is everywhere – don't support this KILLER corporation.

  2. cindrellawatson says:

    Cheap food? Late hours? Locations EVERYWHERE? And now free WIFI? What's next – free health clinics? Free insulin? Free Lipitor? Common McDonalds – BE RESPONSIBLE!

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