Food Hack – How to Make Tabasco Sauce!

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I’ve learned to love Tabasco hot sauce in my lifetime, I put a good chunk of it on everything I eat including burritos, sandwiches, steaks, you name it.  If it’s anything that is solid, you will find me putting a layer of Tabasco on top of it before I take a bite.

Well, this tabasco sauce might be fun to try to make it yourself.  The label in the back of a tabasco says it’s made from distilled vinegar, red peppers, and salt.

The hardest part about re-producing the same taste as Tabasco would lie in the optimal mixture of the three ingredients.

Well, if you want to try, just mix distilled vinegar, red peppers, and salt together, perhaps burn the combo on stove then put it in a bottle for a month or so.

As for me, I need the freshest Tabasco, so I will have to keep buying them at the market until my homemade Tabasco gets better.  Oh yeah, one more thing, don’t buy the mega, huge bottles of Tabasco, I find those actually lose taste if you don’t use it right away.  The smaller bottles retain its taste better longer, don’t ask me why!

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  1. Sean says:

    You cant re-produce McIlhennys Tabasco sauce flavor unless you make a pepper salt mash and allow it to ferment before mixing it with the vinegar. They allow it to ferment 3 years but you can get a similar taste in just a couple months. Once the mixture is mixed with vinegar and bottled it will not age any more.

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