Film Reel Clock!


The Film Reel Clock may be the perfect thing for a film director (or aspiring film director like me) on Christmas.  Of course, it’s OLD but we like how they re-used old film reels into something real useful and classy.

Added bonus, these film reel clocks actually contain real film but what you get is like a box of chocolates.

Beautifully designed hand made clocks using vintage upcycled 16mm film and reels. A great historical addition for your home or media room. All of our clocks are created from movie reels previously owned by labs and film rental libraries. The oldest reels and films date back to the 1950’s when schools, businesses and places of worship would rent and show them. The patina on the reels varies by how old and how much it was used. Some of the reels and leader film carry the film name or other information. None of these films are feature films shown in traditional theaters.

Get it on Etsy for $79.95

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