HDMI DIY – How to Connect Wireless HDMI!


For those of you looking to either hook up your computer to your LCD HDTV or any device that outputs in HDMI “wirelessly”, you might want to look into the Brite-View BV-2500 HD Video Transmitter/Receiver Kits.

The Brite-View VB-2500 support up to 1080i@60Hz & 1080p@24Hz HD picture quality, meaning you will get FULL 1080P HD.

There’s other cheaper ones out there but if you are looking for the one that works for the long haul, this might be the best wireless HDMI you can get.

The Air HD Wireless HD Kit contains a transmitter (BV-2500T) and a receiver (BV-2500R), allowing you wirelessly to stream uncompressed High-Definition video from any HD video source device to your HDTV anywhere in the house. All of your AV sources can be placed in a separate room from your display when you run your Blu-ray player, set-top box, game console, DVR, and AV receiver into the BV-2500T HDMI transmitter and then equip your HDTV with a BV-2500R receiver. The setup and transmission is smooth and simple, with no complicated connections necessary. Just plug in and let the air do the work.

Price: $341.94 on Amazon

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