FlipShare TV Review!


FlipShare TV is a new wireless HD transmitter for your Flip videos so you don’t need to hook up HDMI cables everywhere.  Of course, the cheaper method is to use a long HDMI cable but if yous space would not look well with HDMI lines hanging all over the place, the FlipShare TV might not be a bad alternative at all.

FlipShare TV offers the ultimate home movie experience by making it easy to watch your entire Flip Video library wirelessly on your TV or HDTV in the comfort of your own home. FlipShare TV wirelessly connects your computer to your TV, allowing you to bring your videos, home movies, and still-image snapshots from the computer screen to the big screen.

If your only goals is to stream free online videos to your HDTV, perhaps the VuNow VN1000HD might work better at about the same price.

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