2011 Audi A8 is First Car Equipped Google Earth and Maps!


With Google’s new GoogleMaps Navigation threatening to take over the whole map industry, here’s the first bite from Google, a 2011 Audi A8 that will be equipped with Google Maps and Google Earth!

As for me, I will be happy that Google Maps is finally making their way into new cars as I find on-board GPS from other manufacturers either horrible, un-usable, or simply are out of style/date.

Why didn’t they do this earlier?

Definitely, year 2010 and 2011 will be the year of Google, especially when you consider the fact that Google is rolling out their own smartphone, the Nexus One!

Among the myriad of technological features coming to the 2011 Audi A8, its revised Multi Media Interface system, complete with the new “MMI touch” feature, will also include the first application of Google Earth in a production car.

In addition to the traditional hard-disk navigation system, an optional GPRS/EDGE modem is integrated into the MMI nav-plus system allowing a constant stream of information to be downloaded and accessed from Google. Along with GPS-based searches for local services, users can plan out their trips on Google Maps, Google Earth or through Audi’s online portal, and navigation data is analyzed and relayed to all the A8’s systems, including the automatic cruise control with “Start & Go” functionality, the adaptive lights and the eight-speed automatic gearbox.

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