Photo DIY – How to Recover(Undelete) Photos on your SD Card! [MAC FREEWARE DOWNLOAD]


Exif Untrasher is a free Mac program you can use to recover deleted photos from your digital camera’s SD card (or any other memory card).

Did you know that when you delete files from your hard disk or any other storage device the files actually don’t get deleted but “marked” deleted?  Files stay physically on your storage drive until you write over it or use special programs such as SecureErase to actually remove it from the physical partitions of your storage drives.

Anyways, Exif Untrasher is a program that simply looks through those physical partitions and recovers any Jpeg files for you.  There’s a ton of other programs for doing this but this one is special for those Mac users who don’t want to pay to get their photos recovered.

Have you ever formatted your camera’s memory card accidentally or deleted images erroneously? Well, a lot of people have, including myself.
When I had that problem a few years ago, I found out how to restore the images using a hex editor, but (of course) it turned out to be pretty cumbersome. This was the moment when the idea for “Exif Untrasher” was born.

via lifehacker

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