IKEA Hack – How to Make a Chandelier with Cheap IKEA Lamps!


Honestly, I have been boycotting IKEA because every furniture I bought there has broke in less than a year and plus, I don’t like having the same furniture as rest of my buddies.  Well, enough about that but there’s a great way to make a chandelier using a bunch of cheap IKEA lamps.

Perhaps, IKEA furniture can be useful after all, if you can hack it a bit to make something else with it.  As for me, I will have to boycott IKEA in favor of more expensive furniture that won’t break on me.

This Instructable shows you how to build large spherical lamps out of Ikea lampan lamps ( $4.99 each ). The lamps are based on platonic solids. With this method I have built large spheres up to 32 lamps.

via instructables

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