Golf Instruction You Missed Out On Last Couple Weeks!

I have been steadily getting myself to get ready for the PGA Tour sometime in the next couple years(seriously), and my golf swing/short game has been getting better and better everyday through hours of practice when I am not blogging.

Of course, I have been documenting my progress as free golf instruction over on my golf blog, here’s some great golf instruction you might have missed out on the last couple weeks:

  • The weak grip/flat plane golf swing – I have developed a brand “new” golf swing for myself because I simply hit the ball better that way, it might help you too.
  • How to Practice the Driver! – Most people simply use the driver off the tee but don’t realize there’s infinite uses to the driver including hitting out of low-hanging trees and long, boring fairway shots into the wind.  I show you couple different shots you can practice with the driver that can cut some additional strokes off your golf game.
  • Continuous Rhythm/Light hands – Rhythm and light hands are probably the 2 most important assets you can have in golf.  Here, I show you how it it feels when I am hitting the ball awesome.
  • How to Hit the Pop and Run Pitch Shot! – Here’s another short game shot that can shave strokes off your golf game.  Not too many people practice this shot but it’s one of the most important shots for saving shots into the wind or when you have a lot of green to work with.

Well, I that’s it for now but I should have more golf instruction in the next few weeks!

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