Christmas Eco DIY – How to Make a Christmas Tree with Hardback Books!


Here’s an awesome Christmas “eco” DIY that you can try if you don’t want to chop up a real Christmas tree this year and save some trees, learn how to make a Christmas tree w/ hardback books!

For one, I know my relatives bought a small, fake plastic Christmas tree this year but this could be even a better eco-alternative to that.

Kudos for such a great idea!

I know, I know, you want a real Christmas tree.  But I had a thought the other day, what if EVERYONE started not using real trees for Christmas?  We’d save millions of trees every year!

How to turn an old, unwanted hardback into a small Xmas tree.

Can work as a table display, in lieu of an Xmas card (plenty of space on the inside cover for a message), or, if you are of the Humbug school, your entire Xmas decoration ensemble

via instructables


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