AT&T Problems Pointed Out by New York Times!


The other day I told you some solid reasons why you should boycott AT&T like me since 2006, well I just found some facts to prove my point including writer on New York Times saying AT&T is simply SLOW:

I LOVE my iPhone. I just wish it were matched with Verizon Wireless, the carrier with the most envied reputation as fast, ubiquitous, reliable, nigh perfect.

Also noted by BoingBoing bloggers:

The story, published by the New York Times, offers AT&T consultants as sources, and doesn’t address the fact that only users in the U.S. (where AT&T is the sole carrier) report the chronic issues at hand.

In short, AT&T is still lying to the consumers by blaming on the iPhone users when their network was never ready for any kind of modern smartphones. (and yes, look at the map coverage of AT&T, that is TRUE. )

It doesn’t make sense that iPhone coverage/service works better outside the U.S., all pointing back to AT&T’s obviously faulty network.

I really wished AT&T stopped deceptive advertising practices such as “We are the fastest network in the nation.”, there’s absolutely no proofs to that.

While people were frenzy about iPhones from day one, I was one of the only ones frowning that Apple decided to go with AT&T.  Of course, now the truth comes out as evidenced here and by many angry iPhone users who cannot use data 24/7 when they have paid for unlimited data usage plans already.

I know AT&T, truth hurts, ouch!  Next time, I suggest doing things right the first time, at least don’t lie to the consumers.

Seriously though, based on real testing I did here in SF Bay Area, Verizon and Sprint have been both faster over other GSM networks in the last 3 years since 2006.

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