Kindle Versus Sony Reader!

My friend has been asking me which E-reader is the best, the Kindle or the Sony Reader.

Well, here’s a short review of what the Kindle and Sony can do:


The Kindle (the latest version) features a bundle of great features like Text-to-Speech function, ability to download new books through its 3G cellular connection (without additional connection fees), 16-shades of gray, and ability to read PDF files.


On the other hand, the Sony Reader Touch Edition E-reader features a bundle of features that can’t be done on the Kindle such as a touchscreen, access to over 1M+ free Google Books, free-hand note-taking with a stylus, and SD card expandable memory slot up to 16GB.  Of course, lack of a wireless 3G connection means that you will have to connect your computer to download new e-books.

Both Kindle and Sony Reader weigh at around 10 ounces, feature 6-inch screen, 2-weeks battery life for reading, and ability to read PDFs.

For those of you who want to download(buy) new E-books on the go without having to connect your E-book reader to a computer, the Kindle might be your best bet plus Amazon features a load of more books than Sony Store.

But if you want the extra features like a snazzy touchscreen and ability to scribble your own notes via a stylus, the Sony Reader might not be a bad choice.  Of course, you will have to download e-book and PDFs ahead of time if you are going to be traveling.  Plus, the ability to download free Google Books is another advantage for the Sony Reader.

Overall, depending on how you want to use the E-reader, both E-readers can be good choice.

But for me, I feel that E-reader should really be an “E-reader”, I don’t really need the note feature plus I find having to connect to my computer everytime I want a new book is not such a fun task.

The new Kindle $259 on Amazon

Sony Reader $277.97 on Amazon

P.S. Don’t forget to get the matching leather case to protect it and disguise it in public!

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