Epson Extreme Gamer with PS3 and HD Projector Strapped!



Here’s an example of an extreme gamer (well it’s for Epson’s LCD projector promotion) who straps a PS3 and an Epson HP Projector to play games everywhere he goes.

This is probably not too far from future gamers and perhaps with technology getting better and better every year, this extreme gaming might be possible in couple years with even less hardware.

This guy strapped an Epson EH-TW450 projector to his chest along with a PS3 and what I can only assume is about 50 pounds of batteries and walked around London at night playing video games on walls, streets, and people. He also put on a helmet and goggles and pads, which while not strictly necessary, lent the whole outfit an “I’m from the future” type of feel.

via ohgizmo

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