Fireplace DIY – How to Make Newspaper Logs!


Winter season is hitting its peak soon around the world and this might be a great time to learn how to make newspaper logs.  Not only these burn easily but they can actually be great fire starters for your regular wood logs that need to be started right.   Also, you might benefit from the newspapers that are have been stacked in your garage. (I hope not, who still reads newspapers by the way?)

It’s kind of like hardcore paper mache. To get a solid log, you must change the structure of the newspaper. That is from sheets to pulp. Usually there’s no shortcuts in paper mache, but you’ll learn how to make these logs very quickly using a rubber mallet.

The paper logs burn best when combined with wood. They will create more ash than wood. The hole through the middle will help it to burn and make the drying out process quicker.

via instructables

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