DIY Hard Disk Art! [Recycled Art]



These are definitely some of the most amazing recycled art using old hard disks.  I give it “2009 hard disk art of the year” award.  🙂

P.S. keep up the great work Rivera!

Rivera’s first sculpture was made out of a standard 3.5-inch hard drive, and designed to evoke a car. “It wasn’t really difficult putting this one together since I didn’t have to modify anything other than the cover — everything else just screwed on,” he says. It took 33 hard drives — each wheel made of eight discs from gutted drives, and one intact drive for the body — and a whole weekend to make.

From there, he created his second project, a mini car that took 29 hard drives. The third project, the “fat boy motorcycle,” was even more complex. “This one was a bit tricky for me because I just couldn’t get parts to mix well at first to reflect the look I wanted,” he says.

via wired

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