DIY Bulbdial LED Clock Kits [AWESOME]



For those of you looking for a Christmas gift to send to me (or your other smart/geek friends), you might want to take a look at this awesome Bulbdial LED clock kit from EvilMadScientist.  The Bulbdial LEd features 72 LEDs that work in sync to product the hour and minute arrows plus it looks really awesome.

72 LEDs, charlieplexed. This is an efficient arrangement, since only three LEDs (well, maybe five, if fading between two locations) need to be on at a given moment. There are 30 LEDs each on the second and minute rings, and 12 on the hour. The clock changes position every two seconds– fading between positions, so it’s easy to see that the clock moves in real time now.

The Bulbdial Clock Kits can be purchased here starting at base price of $65 plus peripheral add-ons if you’d like.

via hackaday

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