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The HP Envy 15 comes with an Intel i7 processor, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4850 graphics, unibody frame out of magnesium-alloy, and some nice set of Beats speakers.

According to the hands-on review done by Engadget guys, the HP Envy 15 does everything well including HD graphics and sound:

Watching a downloaded 1080p clip of a Killers’ concert made us feel like we were front row at the show; we could see the beads of sweat beaming off of Brandon Flowers’ forehead. We would have preferred if the screen had a flush glass bezel, rather than the thick raised plastic border that surrounds it, however. Above the screen is a a “nightvision” VGA camera that uses infrared LEDs to provide illumination in dark environments.

The only cons to this new HP Envy 15 laptop may be CPU heating woes of the Intel iCore 7 processor:

– the trackpad might perform adequately now, but the palm rest got hot. Uncomfortably hot. And this wasn’t just when the system was under a lot of stress: the wrist rests and bottom would heat up with just a browser open, and temperatures got hot enough after an hour that we took it off our lap and set it on a table. We surmise this is a result of the Envy’s very thin design and hardcore performance parts — there could just be too much going on underneath its short-on-space-hood. We aren’t the first to complain of the heat either, users who have purchased the system also find it quite toasty.

Otherwise, this may be a great gaming laptop with performance matched only by other laptops with Intel Core i7 processors.  For those of you early adaptors and power-users who can afford it, this laptop may be worth a try.

HP Envy 15 starting at $1799.99

Also check out this hands-on review on YouTube:



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  1. baker says:

    this laptop is junk, plagued with problems, from the unsecured battey slice to the webcam that only work in flourecent lighting. took best buy 3 trys to find me one they could sell and a week later started making a grinding sound so i sent it to hp and when i got it back it was scratched to hell, DO NOT BUY THIS LAPTOP if you want something reliable and usable, oh and thank you archie and hp for your lame customer service, this was the first and last time i buy anything from hp.

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