Droid Hack – How to Root Droid!

UPDATE: 2010-03-21 You can also follow my  step-by-step guide on how to root Droid!

Droid has been awfully popular and I have to say it’s one of the best phones to get this year.   Well, if you are a linux-hacker and you want to “Root” your Droid, just follow directions here.  It won’t let you do anything special other than install widgets quicker for now but I am sure you can figure out something else in the near future.

UPDATE: 2009-12-09
New exploit zip, including Superuser from CyanogenMod

URL: http://zenthought.org/system/files/asse … eruser.zip

1) get signed-voles-ESD56-from-ESD20.84263456.zip (md5sum 3af35446905040a3123ec09195299596)
2) get droid-superuser.zip (this file, md5sum e517995a7d1fe233c61df17c7f7c2a63)
3) append this file to the end of signed-voles-ESD56-from-ESD20.84263456.zip
* Windows: copy /b signed-voles-ESD56-from-ESD20.84263456.zip+droid-superuser.zip update.zip
* Linux: cat signed-voles-ESD56-from-ESD20.84263456.zip droid-superuser.zip > update.zip
The md5sum of update.zip will be cf653352967253e99d967498ffd9ce69
4) Copy the update.zip to the sdcard on the phone
5) Boot the phone to recovery mode (hold X and power the phone on)
* You’ll get a triangle + exclamation point if done right
6) Apply the update by pressing Volume Up + Camera

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  2. Anonymous says:

    it tells me the file failed to open when i tried to put it from the sd card to the phone

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