Circuit DIY – Single Button Code Input System Kit!


Looking for an easy button code system to implement to your new projects?   My ol’ friend Alan from just made this awesome DIY single button code input system, along with a relay that can easily control things like your garage door, locks, and lots more.  You can get the kit here and code for PIC is provided free of charge.

The Button Code is a system that allows a single button to act as a keypad. The user enters a 4 digit code into the system using button taps. The button can be placed where the public can access it since like a keypad there are many combinations to keep guessers from activation the system. When the correct code is entered a form-C relay is activated (Normally Open and Normally Closed relay contacts). When activated it can either activate for a programmed time or simply toggle the output whenever the correct code is entered.

This simple circuit allow for simple control of things such as:

  • Garage Door Openers – Pulse the door open button for a second to operate.
  • Lighting – Toggle to turn on, toggle to turn off.
  • Door Access – Pulse the door lock for 3 or 4 seconds.
  • Simple Security System – Toggle alarm power on or off.

via hackedgadgets

Here’s a video of the kit in action:


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