Target Cashiers Now Play A Virtual Checkout Game!


Here’s some great news for Target shoppers and cashiers, Target is now applying a “checkout game” for all their cashiers where they are graded based on how quickly they can process customers.

I think this is a great idea to get those slow cashier lines moving faster and give jobs to those who truly deserve it, the hard-working/fast ones.

As a consumer who has experienced slow lines in various shops, (including BestBuy, one of the worst) this kind of cashier game should be applied to all retail store checkouts.  (That outta let the cashiers focus more on doing their job and award those who can work faster.)

Trust me, if they had this at Wal-mart, I won’t have to deal with Wal-mart cashiers with bad attitude who shouldn’t be working there anyways.

G = green = fast
R = red = slow(er)

Here’s her last 10 check-outs – fast, except for a few random stragglers.. The big “G” is the prob the calculated average-time-per-checkout (last 10?) while total must be all 44 checkouts. I wonder what the 88% stands for…

via gizmodo

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