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My Korean friends have been telling me that indoor golf simulators are really popular in Seoul right now.  I have seen such golf simulators when I was in Seoul couple years back but I guess it has gotten crazy as most businessmen will head to indoor golf simulator centers after work.

Let me tell you also why, Seoul is a pretty big city and there’s not much room for a golf course (sorta like New York).  To get to a decent golf course in the middle of Seoul, you’d have to drive about 2-3 hours to the country.   The rumor is that Korea has been on top of these golf simulator gadgets, there’s probably many companies just focused on making these golf simulators.

I don’t think these are really necessary here in the U.S. although I have seen some indoor golf simulators at Hilton Hotel in Reno. (sadly, they went out of business couple years back, the indoor golf market obviously ain’t too big here)

But for those of you who want to get one of these golf simulators in your house (and it’s a great idea to have one if you are a golf-addict like me plus you can afford it), try the new Bravo Golf Simulators from Korea, featuring all of the latest technology infused including a 16:9 HD output screen plus bunch of microcontrollers to simulate a real golf course.  There’s no pricing on the site but they do have a dealer in Los Angeles.  I bet it’s at least $2000 but not more than $5000.

Trust me, I can’t afford one right now but I am definitely gonna get one in the future so I don’t always have to head out to the golf course, especially if it’s cold and raining.

If you can’t really afford one, there’s this indoor net that you can use, not as much fun still let you practice indoors.

Built from the highest quality material, this indoor simulator uses carefully selected screen fabric for optimum visuals, projector of 5000 ANSI with booth made of high quality fabric with elegant design and colors to make it look graceful. The screen boasts a 16:9 aspect ratio for high definition graphics, and the other features include a user friendly GUI interface, multilingual backup system and an eight-faced moving plate which realizes the same undulation of the turf around the ball in the screen to make it as realistic as possible. It also boasts Bravo Golf’s patented 32-bit “Micom Sensor,” which reads the nine kinds of movements and trajectory of the ball in three dimensions. This is indeed one of the best golf simulators we have come across.

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3 Responses to Bravo Golf Simulators!

  1. golfsport123 says:

    Why Choosing the Right Golf Ball is So Important

  2. yoyoyo99 says:

    “not more than $5,000″…hee hee, I think you should check your facts before making statements like that. 🙂

  3. golf fanatic says:

    Golf course here in our place is really very far. I think I should try the one that you suggested, the Bravo Golf Simulators from Korea. I bet this is a good one. I am a golf fanatic but I haven’t tried this golf simulator, but now, since I am already busy from work, I think I should consider to have one in my house.

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