Windows 7 Upgrade, Is it Worth It?


As a stubborn early-adapter who criticized Microsoft’s Vista failures, MS’s monopoly policy, and the famed blue-screen-of-death, I would probably the last one telling you to upgrade to Windows 7.

Well, as stubborn as I am, I am also fair so I decided to give Windows 7 a try since a month ago.  Since then, I’ve actually had no problems installing any of my XP programs over to Windows 7.

By the way, any of the new Windows 7 is backward-compatible with most XP programs without you doing anything (even the Home version) and supports Vista drivers. (plus most drivers are natively supported)

I get a bunch of questions from people asking me if Windows 7 is worth it.

Well, after a month of tinkering and even getting a new Windows 7-equipped laptop, I have to say Windows 7 is the shi*!

One thing I have to emphasize AGAIN is that Windows 7 is backward-compatible with XP programs whereas Vista isn’t.

On top of being able to use all of my old XP programs, Windows 7 64-bit version is also backward-compatible with any 32-bit programs plus the ability to run 64-bit programs.  For programs that require a lot of graphics/video processing, 64-bit has been awfully faster (as much as 5-10 times) so I recommend Windows 7 64-bit if you are going that route.

Overall, I wouldn’t spend extra money to upgrade to Windows 7 if you are already happy with XP or Vista.  BUT, if you are going to get a new computer/laptop, it might be good idea to get the Windows 7 bundle along with it and most PC/laptop manufacturers now include Windows 7 as basic requirement.

So, that is all!  I approve Windows 7, it’s a great effort on Microsoft to improve on their operating system, it sure beats Macs.

Disclosure: Microsoft did not pay me to write this blog post, I am simply writing my Windows 7 experience and I think it’s a good operating system…FINALLY!

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