Top 5 Tech Christmas Gift Ideas!

Christmas is around the corner and here’s some great Tech Christmas Gift Ideas:


The Kindle e-book reading device from Amazon can be a great gift for anyone as it cuts down on paper plus you can download thousands of new books. ($259 on Amazon)

This is something I don’t have and definitely on my Santa’s wishlist.

TokyoFlash watches can be great Christmas gifts as their are unique and better than any digital watches you can get at retail stores. (around $100-$250 at TokyoFlash)  Plus, they are having a special where you get 2 watches and get one free for Christmas holidays.


The Cruzer 16GB USB Flash drive can be a great gift for virtually anyone you know, having 16 gigabytes of storage at your fingertips is priceless! ($27.26 at, $31.99 on Amazon)


The ASUS EeeBox is a perfect solution for streaming YouTube videos to your HDTV and also adding internet browsing functionality to your HDTV with HDMI outputs. ($299.99 on Amazon)  These can also be great for playing computer games on your HDTV.


Neat Receipts Desktop Scanner is a must for those of you who do your own taxes or own a small business.  ($368.20 on Amazon)  Of course, there’s a mobile version too for $142.97.

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