Google Hack – How to Get Real-Time Twitter Results on Google Search!


Google has just announced their new addition of real-time search.  Although it will be implemented on the regular Google search over the next couple days or access Hot Trends on Google Trends to see a demo, you can also get real-time results on your Google search query by adding the parameter &esrch=RTSearch to end of your URL.

So a Google search “GM”,

I added the &esrch=RTSearch to the end of the search results URL:

And in the middle of the search results page, I got the screenshot posted above.

Also you can see real-time updates of web search here.

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  1. londonescort says:

    Yesterday, I was searching in google and saw these results… I dont really know what is going on! Will this be the end of the link parameter in seo? I really think that the answer is yes…. If they do it, we all the seo's gonna have to be very clever and make really people talk about us…. Links you can buy, you can place, in other words whit links you can cheat… this won't be true if they change the parameter by some thing like Tweeter.. Now, I do SEO for this London escorts website. Even now is not easy at all to do the job, because it's an adult website, but I keep trying… But really, if they change, I dont know what else to do… SEO'S be careful and think ahead… this will change the mode how you have to work!

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